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We are the leaders

We think differently and we act boldly. At Obasanjo Farms Ota, we’re not only ready for tomorrow, we’re leading the way


At Obasanjo Farms...

We built our name on providing families with wholesome, great-tasting chicken. But today, Obasanjo Farms Nigeria is so much more. As values and behaviors around food have changed, so have we. Today, we’re innovators uniquely positioned to reshape what it means to feed our world. Today, we not only have the fastest growing portfolio of protein-centric brands, we offer greater transparency into everything we do.

We believe in healthy

We believe that delicious, quality chicken should be able to stand on its own. Always. At Obasanjo Farms, we pride ourselves in delivering nothing but the safest, most wholesome poultry, so you know what you’re getting every time.


We believe in community

Striving to be better every day means giving back to the community we live in, especially when it involves feeding those in need.

We believe in responsibilty

We’ve got families, too. That’s why we’re taking an industry-wide lead to promote safety for people and planet.

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